Tradara Naparula Briscoe

Born and raised in remote Aboriginal communities; I was taught many things that only a few get to experience in their lifetime. Where I come from (Coniston, North West of Alice Springs) we still practice ancient traditions and hold ceremonies; most days we went hunting, gathering, fluently speaking our Anmatyerr language and living with extended family which made me connected to my culture everyday.
I come from a family full of artists, so I was bound to be one before I was born. My aunty Joy Nakamarra Briscoe and father Dean Jakamarra Briscoe were the main people who taught me how to traditionally dot paint. All the symbols I use in my paintings/ designs are still the same symbols my ancestors used when creating a piece of artwork; that's how I maintain the traditional meaning and Dreamings behind it, using modern technique modern and colours to compliment.
My brand 'TRADARA' is a collection of high-end fashion garments, homewares and accessories. It is a representation of a deep cultural connection to my ancestors the Anmatyerr and Warlpiri people; it is the true testament to who I am and what I believe in. The collection showcases pieces holding my traditional Dreamings and stories at it's core while releasing my own creative modern touch to a technique that has been developed and utilised for thousands of years. Each design is created with emotion tying together my past, present and future with my journey of being a traditional Australian Indigenous woman.