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Evolution - Painting on Canvas

Evolution - Painting on Canvas

$5,000.00 AUD $20,000.00 AUD

This painting is a reflection of my journey through life and my cultural connection, the outer perimeter displays the traditional way I was taught to paint by my elders. The colours, the stories and animal totems are all a representation of my traditional land in Coniston and the Anmatyerr Country. These lessons were taught to me from a young age and have been the platform of my artistic career. 
As I grew older my ideas and creativity expanded, and I was able to utilise my traditional teachings and create modern artworks without losing the meaning and story. This is shown on this piece of artwork through the vibrant colours, the multi detailed dots and use of metallic mediums, the metallic blue river separating the two styles of painting symbolises the connection between them.
The painting features Emu, Honey ants and Witchetty Grub dreaming’s.

*SIZE: Width: 1215mm x Height: 1525mm

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